CMW Tech understands the challenges and unique approach it takes to maintain the “highest quality products” your customers have come to expect.   

With many decades of lapping experience, our team has developed an abrasive lapping product which fulfills industry needs at a very cost effective price point.  

SLMX-20, our water based product formulation has the perfect blend of 20 micron Aluminum oxide powder, eco-friendly suspension additives, and corrosion inhibitors to exceed mainstream shop requirements.

Give us a call. We would be glad to work with you to evaluate  SLMX-20 towards not only exceeding your requirements, but also saving you money.

Lapping Slurry Facilitates Material Removal & Polishing During the Lapping Process

Achieving a smoother finish, flawless parallelism, and correcting surface defects is made possible with a superior lapping slurry. Our environmental lapping slurry features the ideal abrasive formulation, ensuring optimal particulate dispersion, cleaner polishing processes, and predictable material removal.

As important as the refined finishing you can expect with our environmental slurry, making the switch to eco-friendly production practices opens the door to new client relations and ease of environmental compliance. You can also expect to benefit from reduced disposal fees, a healthier workplace, and predictable slurry performance every time you order an affordable refill from our lapping specialists.

When the schematics call for an ultra-flat finish, depend on our environmental lapping slurry to provide the precision your customers and partners expect. Whether you are hoping to improve the quality of your final finishes, or you are searching for a budget-friendly solution to reduce production costs and maximize your shop’s output potential, a better lapping slurry can optimize many facets of your polishing and repair processes.

Here’s how our professional-grade lapping slurry can improve your shop’s processes and component finishes across a range of material types:

  • As the slurry is applied between the workpiece and lapping wheel, the fine aluminum oxide powder in our formulation gradually and precisely removes excess material. This ultra-fine abrasive process minimizes the potential for overgrinding, while simultaneously shielding your components from common causes of material damage from manually-operated grinders.
  • Our environmental lapping slurry equals eco-conscious production. Water-based slurries are less hazardous for employees and the planet. Our cleaner products are also less expensive than many oil-based lapping products, with standout perks like superior shelf life and enhanced product stability.
  • Our easy-to-use solid slurry is compatible with many lapping machines and material types. Additionally, our water-based slurry simplifies setup and equipment cleanup following component polishing processes.
  • Our expertly engineered formulation protects your equipment and the parts you finish with each use. Featuring the ideal balance of lubrication, suspended solids, and eco-friendly additives, minimal heat is generated and detrimental friction is reduced for smooth, predictable, and efficient production with every run.

Searching for other cost-effective machine shop solutions? Like our expertly-formulated solid lapping slurry, our EDM services are powered by knowledgeable machinists and diverse component design expertise.

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