Our Goal: Engineer and Deliver a Product for Manufacturers of Precision Parts to Remove Broken Tooling as well as Produce Basic Machined Features In-House using EDM Sinker Methods

Operational benefits ranging from cost-effective tap burning to streamlined broken-tap extraction make the EDM-101 a wise decision for any machine shop or tech school. Among the most versatile EDM advancements in the industry, our adaptable electrical discharge machine is a great supplement to existing EDM processes, cost-effective roughing, and any business hoping to optimize their broken screw removal needs. Also a dependable choice for any shop or school that could benefit from entry-level electrical discharge processes, our user-friendly EDM-101 offers multipurpose compatibility for low-volume part production, hex nuts, spiral screws, keyways, and so much more.

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Cost-Effective EDM: Smart Spending, Great Results

Better EDM machining processes tap into a range of unexpected benefits. Instead of facing production delays while waiting for an outsourced roughing project or stripped screw removal, our affordable EDM machines empower your team to manage a greater range of intricate project types. 

With our ultra-efficient tap burner, you shield your bottom line from several production risk factors. Our optimized electrical discharge sinker never makes physical contact with the workpiece, resulting in reduced material waste, a safer workplace, and ease of producing intricate hex and cylindrical components without exposing your tools or the component to traumatic impact forces. 

Even if you already have a fully capable CapEx sinker or Bridgeport setup, the EDM-101 is the perfect addition to any shop. Instead of halting production to handle a basic tap removal or part roughing task, utilize our cost-saving EDM machine to handle all entry-level sinker projects with precision. These useful application benefits also apply to tech school demonstrations, reduced time-to-market, and ultimately, superior quality components made from any conductive material.

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What is Electrical Discharge Machining & How Does it Work?

EDM is a non-conventional machining method that relies on electrical discharges to remove material from a workpiece. It’s the go-to choice when you need to produce, extract, or repair intricate components from extremely hard conductive materials like steel and titanium. Unlike grinders and mills that rely on physical force to shape a part, EDM innovation shapes parts with thermal energy that transfers between an electrode and the conductive material being machined. 

First, an appropriate electrode is mounted on the quill-mounted EDM-101 Head, the operator enters basic objective parameters into our user-friendly tablet app.  When the workpiece material is fixtured by the machinist/operator followed by setup of flushing nozzle the EDM process can commence.

Once the program commences, the electrode moves downward in Sinker fashion. Simultaneously, a dielectric water submersion/stream is applied to facilitate thermal energy transfer, cool the workpiece, and flush eroded debris away from the workpiece in the shape of the electrode.

After the operation is complete, the machinist cleans and inspects the part for defect-free accuracy. 

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EDM-101: Primary Benefits

Crafting intricate, delicate, or hardened materials that conventional tools are unable to shape safely or accurately makes the EDM-101 a dependable choice in every industry. Great for tech school demonstrators, practical staff education, and any shop that wants to cut costs on broken tap removals or low-volume part production, here’s how EDM-101 innovation can revolutionize your processes: 

From predictable keyway production to ease of refinement after Bridgeport roughing, EDM-101 machining provides predictable production with every run.

Forget the pliers and grinders and rely on our affordable EDM machine to optimize your extractor needs. Easily remove broken power drill bits, embedded hex screws, and spend less on replacement products with every damaged part our EDM machine saves.

Whether you are hoping to impress future business partners, upgrade your curriculum, or empower your staff with easy-to-use equipment, our electrical discharge machine simplifies all demo and training needs.

Excited to explore other economical EDM applications for your shop or tech school? Our experienced machinists offer collaborative service and decades of machining insights for production and education needs in all sectors. However, we can help you integrate innovation, savings, and greater efficiency into your machining processes, don’t hesitate to reach out to our experts at CMWTech for professional guidance today.