Our Goal: Engineer and Deliver a Product for Manufacturers of Precision Parts to Remove Broken Tooling as well as Produce Basic Machined Features In-House using EDM Sinker Methods

CMW Tech’s EDM 101 bridges the gap between manually operated  tap burners and high end automated sinker style EDM machines. We created this product so that all machine shops/manufacturing facilities would have the opportunity to economically use RAM EDM process on the floor to perform a practical subset of operations in-house.

What Can It Do?

You may have tried manual tap burners or disintegrators in the past and found them to be lacking.  Perhaps your requirements require better accuracy, or finer control.  Crude machining processes pose a risk to high value parts, our EDM-101’s electrical discharge machining eliminates that margin of error by providing very fine EDM parameter control along with functions like pecking and positional monitoring not available on conventional tap removal equipment. 

Before losing hundreds or thousands of dollars writing off damaged materials, wasted labor, or spending added cost on time-consuming outsourcing, consider integrating our EDM-101 machine as a tool into your operations and protect your time, materials, and labor with every cost-effective broken tap extraction. 

If you have a RAM EDM Sinker it’s priority is to run production machining. 

Don’t take your expensive CapEx sinker out of production to removal a tap, remove a drill, remove an end mill, extract a screw, perform complete bolt removal.

Instead of tying up your existing Cap-ex EDM consider roughing select jobs, or a subset of a roughing job, on EDM-101 before finishing on your existing EDM for a more cost-effective routing. 

Jobs can be performed on your existing Bridgeport or similar knee mill utilizing our unique quill mount. Our quill mount EDM broken tap remover is one of these invaluable upgrades to your existing equipment that quickly pays for itself if you frequently ship out parts that need prompt and damage-free removal.  

EDM-101 becomes a symbiotic accessory as it does not interfere with normal spindle function.  In fact pre-drilling followed by EDM sinking a shape, such as a hex, can be performed sequentially by any machinist on a Bridgeport. 

There’s an App for EDM !  EDM-101 is extremely easy to use with CMW Tech’s EDM-101 App. EDM process can be controlled with accuracies beyond any Tap burner, rivalling control of EDM sinkers many times the cost. Running on an Android Tablet, users can be up and running in minutes with 3 Simple Menus: SETUP, JOBS & RUN.. along with an additional live monitoring INFO screen.
  • Using SETUP anyone can fixture the job.
  • In JOB recall a previous Job or setup a new one using a simple touchscreen menu. A complete set of parameters (similar to high end EDM sinkers) can be entered through the touchscreen, instantly saved, and recalled. Additionally, your operator can back-up and restore function jobs off the tablet to an EDM-101 internal solid state memory.
  • In RUN the operator can activate Run/Stop , observed progress, and activate either of 2 flushing pumps depending on the type of electrode being used.
  • During RUN status is monitored continuously to keep the Electrode optimally positioned for the EDM process. Complete Pecking control is supported, along with digital control of Current (amps), ON/Off Time, Depth / Thru distance, and advanced capabilities such as Soft Start, Theta Sweep and Dither.

Could your facility benefit from an economical EDM system that supports broken tap extraction and precision prototyping, rework and even production?  

CMW Tech’s EDM-101, launching in 2023, is a new EDM product which bridges the gap by meeting a market need between tap burners and complex & expensive EDM machines.  We created this product so machine shops, manufacturing facilities, engineering development and technical education facilities would have the opportunity to utilize EDM capabilities at a cost-effective price-point.

Both developed and manufactured in the USA, EDM-101 is not like anything in the market. EDM-101 satisfies a niche between a Tap burner and an entry-level EDM sinker all at a value point with a breadth of capability unlike anything on the market. 

Our versatile EDM product is accessible, user-friendly, and purpose-built for every facility to minimize outsourcing expenses and delays while adding an in-house EDM tool to your capabilities.

Easy to install, and easy to operate EDM-101 is a complete system with a breath of capability from Tap removal to jobs that requires precision machining an  EDM simple shape such as a keyway, hex, or shape of your choosing into High Alloy parts, steel, or conductive metal with burr-free finishing and dimensional accuracy and repeatable consistency defined by the electrode shape.

EDM-101 includes a dual filter and pump system to deliver and process Tap / Deionized water making it an ideal shop floor-friendly accessory to your Bridgeport or similar turret-style vertical knee mill.   Yes you can EDM with water and achieve amazing results.  A Water flushing system is available at launch.  EDM-101 also works with all EDM oils, a similar flushing system is planned.  Please contact CMW Tech about your application to discuss how we can configure a system for you.

EDM-101: Primary Benefits

Practical Subset of Capability and Operation found on EDM Sinkers. 

Provide electrode based machining previously only available with significant Capital expense.  From broken tool removal to sinking simple shapes such as hexes and keyways into precision parts. 

Save Time and Money $

Perform select jobs inside shop vs. sending to outside EDM services

Don’t lose control of your schedule, keep parts in your job flow to meet your revenue shipment plan.

Improve Operation Efficiencies $ 

Complements any machine shop with a practical subset of EDM precision machining capability.   Perform roughing and tool removal that may be taking your expensive in-house EDM capital equipment out of production.  

Training and Educational

Positive interest from Tech Schools, Community Colleges, and Industry Organizations to promote EDM skillset at an affordable price point.

We welcome discussion about your unique needs.

Perform Precision Shape Machining and More

As you can see from the multifaceted production potential, our cost-effective EDM provides relevant utility for a spectrum of machine shop applications Whether you aim to spend less on broken tap removals and select precision machining EDM jobs… or you would like to introduce multipurpose EDM demonstrations into your curriculum, our economical EDM equipment is worthy of consideration.

The EDM 101’s main use is to remove broken taps and produce basic EDM features such as keyways, and perform precision shape machining such as hexes at a cost effective price point. Machine shops, model shop, training centers and garage shops all have Bridgeport style knee mills that can be enhanced with EDM capability for low volume machining of simple shapes in precision parts.