Tap Removal Service

If your business has accumulated a quantity of parts in need of removal services CMWTech will be glad to work with you on arrangements to economically process your parts and get them back into your revenue shipment schedule.

Our Tap Removal process is as easy as 1-2-3 !

Step 1
Contact CMW

to quote. Ship part or
advise drop-off to
receive turnaround

Step 2
CMW performs removal using precision methods with EDM-101.
Part(s) undergo pre and post quality inspection
Step 3
Part(s) ship by return delivery or ready for pickup

in same packaging
ensuring proper

At CMW TECH, business is personal. With a deep rooted belief in the power of teamwork, transparency, and dynamic partnerships.

    Cost-Effective Tap Removal Services

    Increasingly high material cost, added to skilled manufacturing costs can become hundreds and many thousand dollars when a broken tap, drill etc. can’t be removed by routine shop methods. 

    Manual tap burners/disintegrators may prove to be crude for parts costing thousands of dollars each or when requiring a particularly small tool to be removed.

    Before After tap removal beforeBroken tap after

    Watch Us At Work

    Call us to get the parts back into your shipment plan

    Need to remove broken bolts or taps in a hurry? Count on us to remove sheared bolts, extract broken taps, and protect your bottom line with every broken drill bit removal completed. If you would like to learn more about the methods used to remove sheard bolts and taps, we are happy to discuss the details of our careful processes for complete confidence in our expertise. 

    Before attempting to remove broken bolts yourself, contact our team first and learn how extracting broken taps with CMWTech will preserve your valuable time, money, and materials with every component saved.