Tap Removal Service

If your business has accumulated a large number of parts in need of removal services, CMWTech will be glad to work with you on arrangements to economically process your parts and get them back into your revenue shipment schedule.

Our broken tap removal processes are guided by cautious part management, quality-controlled machining processes, and years of broken tap removal expertise! Ideal for seemingly unsalvageable and valuable part recovery, cost-saving component recovery is our specialty at CMW Tech in Montgomery County, PA. To recover your parts and protect your bottom line from material waste, here’s how our experienced machinists simplify the broken bolt removal process.

 Our Tap Removal process is as easy as 1-2-3 !

Step 1
Contact CMW

for a quote. You can ship the part to us, or you can drop it off.

Step 2
We will perform the removal process using precise methods with EDM-101.

We will always inspect your part before and after the process.

Step 3
Then, we will ship the parts back to you

using appropriate packaging and handling, or you can come and pick them up!

Before After tap removal beforeBroken tap after

One part or many – Call us to get the parts back into your shipment plan

Increasingly high material costs, when added to skilled manufacturing costs, can become hundreds or even thousands of dollars when a broken tap, drill, or other parts cannot be removed by routine shop methods.​

With valuable parts, timelines, and budgets in mind, we are your go-to broken drill bit removal partners in Montgomery County for a wider variety of seemingly unsalvageable components. Send our specialized machinists parts with stripped screws, broken bits, and other complex breakages and benefit from the fastest turnaround times in the tap removal business. 

Manual tap burners and disintegrators may prove to be too crude for parts costing thousands of dollars each or when requiring a particularly small tool, drill, or broken tap extraction. Our precision EDM processes strategically remove embedded materials, ensuring a cleaner removal that retains the original component’s integrity and bore finish. Like your parts are our own, expect to receive your restored, cleared, and fully-intact components in less time when you trust in our pros at CMW Tech to liberate your valuable parts.

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At CMW TECH, business is personal. With a deep rooted belief in the power of teamwork, transparency, and dynamic partnerships.

We Are Proud to Serve Machine Shops in Bucks, Montgomery, and Philadelphia Counties

When you need a reliable team that can help you address issues with tool removal our location is easy to reach from anywhere in Montgomery County and Bucks County, PA in South Eastern Pennsylvania just north of Philadelphia County, known as the tri-county Greater Philadelphia area.

As local business owners, we understand the importance of keeping your businesses running efficiently and that includes getting your precision parts back to you quickly. With CMWTech’s proximity to nearby centers of industry and manufacturing in Quakertown, Norristown, and Allentown as well as our immediate neighbors in Landsdale, Hatfield, Chalfont, and our hometown Telford, PA we are honored to help with dropoff/pickup quick turn tool removal to hundreds of clients within an easy commute.

We understand that you want to get your parts repaired and back into your revenue stream as quickly as possible. You can rely on CMWTech’s equipment and methods to do exactly that. If you have questions about your equipment or machinery, reach out to us today.

Other Information You Need To Know

Time is money, and a stockpile of parts on your shop floor delayed due to a broken tap, bolt, or embedded broken machining tool is costing you lost revenue. To eliminate this issue, our comprehensive tap removal services provide an outsourced safe alternative that treats your expensive components like “gold” and returns them as if the broken tool never happened. Unlike routine shop processes involving manual force that can damage threads or worse, CMWTech provides a precision EDM service to avoid material damage every time.

Unless your shop or manufacturing facility is outfitted with a dedicated broken tap remover, like CMWTech’s EDM-101, or you elect to use your in-house EDM sinker, your facility is left with only a few options from which to choose. Utilizing your crew’s precious time and energy for tedious removal tasks will conflict with shop productivity.

Alternatively, you can outsource any amount of parts with broken tools embedded in them to our professional EDM services. Our broken tool removal processes restore your parts to their original, unblocked condition, while simultaneously eliminating the potential for costly and business-disrupting product waste.

Broken Tool Removal Services

  • 30+ years of EDM tap removal expertise for guaranteed results
  • Leading equipment that can safely remove a wide range of embedded tooling in more material types
  • Certified machining specialists; your valuable components are exclusively handled by EDM tap removal experts who provide broken tap removal services daily

Parts Removal Process

Utilizing electrical discharge machining instead of crude manual processes, we safely EDM microns of material per machining cycle into the broken tool that prior seemed impossible to remove.   

Since electrical discharge machining processes never involve direct surface-to-surface contact during the broken bolt removal process, we can penetrate blockages with a significantly higher degree of accuracy without exerting force on your part making our process especially applicable to small and thin parts. Programmed precisely by our expert machinists, our removals will not damage threads, weaken surrounding materials, or leave a trace of broken tools albeit a broken tap, broken drill, or broken machining tool.

We Perform Precision Tap Removal for the Following:

  • Bolts
  • Drills
  • Taps
  • Studs
  • & More

Save Money on Material Costs By Sending Your Broken Bolts & Drills to CMW Tech  

With our cost-effective broken drill bit removal services, consider your urgent component remediation needs to be solved. Even if you only need us to remove broken studs or a broken tap from a single component, our EDM tap removal services treat every restoration with a sense of urgency. Our full-service machine shop can also remove broken taps for extensive stockpiles; for dozens or hundreds of sheared bolt removals and broken drill bit extractions, our dedicated professionals are committed to honoring agreed-upon timeframes.   

With every precision tap removal, we offer several convenient service options. If you happen to be in the area, we can extract broken taps and remove sheared bolts with same-day drop-off/pickup available. Alongside our convenient drop-off/pick-ups for broken drill bit removals, our EDM tap removal services are available for rush shipping direct to your door. 

To remove broken studs for less at CMWTech, simply: 

  • Contact us for a free broken tap removal quote and choose a 1,  2-day, or 1-week service (ideal for multiple part recovery on a pallet)
  • Drop off your precision part) or ship to our centralized machine shop
  • Let us know when we can expect it to reserve a slot in our schedule.
  • We remove your broken tap, broken studs, broken endmill, or broken drill in your precision part and return your restored items in less time!

Contact Us Today for Cost-Effective Tap Removal Services in Bucks County, PA

Need to remove broken bolts or taps in a hurry? Count on us to remove sheared bolts, extract broken taps, and protect your bottom line with every broken drill bit removal completed. If you would like to learn more about the methods used to remove sheard bolts and taps, we are happy to discuss the details of our careful processes for complete confidence in our expertise. 

Before attempting to remove broken bolts yourself, contact our team first and learn how extracting broken taps with CMWTech will preserve your valuable time, money, and materials with every component saved. 

If you are looking for a machine shop that can help you look no further than CMWTech!

Give us a call today to speak to a member of our team, and learn more about how we can help you.

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At CMW TECH, business is personal. With a deep rooted belief in the power of teamwork, transparency, and dynamic partnerships.

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