We Sell Square & Hexagonal 16c Collet Blocks

The machinists at Cer-Mac Inc. have used 5C Collet Blocks for over 50 years. However, when a part was larger than 1 1/8 inch diameter they found they needed a 16C Collet Block.

Since they could not find a manufacturer to supply them, it was decided to design and build our own.  The 16C Collet Block was designed to be simple to use and cost-effective.  CMW now offers a 16C Collet Block that is either square or hexagonal and can hold up to 1 5/8 inch diameter through the collet.

The block is manufactured from 4140 aircraft quality steel and utilizes a manual open / close system using a spanner wrench.  The same design is available in 17-4 stainless steel for increased environmental robustness, such as in EDM applications.

As diverse as your production goals, our user-friendly 16c square collet blocks and 16c hexagonal collet blocks open up the possibilities for your shop. Our versatile square and hex collet blocks simplify machining a range of components in less time, and can easily be relocated from one machine to another without a complex remounting process. 

With CMWTech behind every component produced, our square and hex collet blocks include transparent material sourcing, factual product information, and leading warranties on every product delivered. 

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Expect unrivaled workpiece securement and streamlined machining processes with our Hex Collet Block! Designed with versatile manufacturing applications in mind, our 16c Collet Kits are easy to use, compatible with more parts, and tough enough to withstand the harshest of machining conditions.

Before considering costly or complex machine shop upgrades, the simple addition of a manually-adjustable collet block can maximize your production capabilities. Our ultra-rugged hardinge 16c collet blocks are compatible with a spectrum of material dimensions and shapes, while simultaneously enhancing workpiece accessibility for multi-axis machining applications.

Other productivity-boosting reasons to invest in our superior 16c collet blocks include: 

  • Hassle-free collet changes for expedited production times
  • Reduced slippage for safety, accuracy, and material savings
  • Simple to use and adjust, reducing human error and production mistakes
  • Capable of producing hyper-accurate finishes and maintaining tighter tolerances
  • Ultra-durable steel varieties ensure dependable production stability for years to come

In addition to the exceptional production compatibility and multi-axis machining flexibility with our hex collet block, utilizing a 16c collet block in conjunction with your 16 c collet chuck offers a myriad of benefits that directly impact operational efficiency. With notable benefits such as unrivaled adjustment simplicity, vibration-reducing stability, and greater reliability when working with thin or short parts, the 16c collet chuck’s low-profile features, superior gripping force, and versatility result in product development improvements across the board. 

As a result of greater workpiece stability throughout each machining phase, our Hardinge 16c collet block and 16c collet chuck offer minimal runout, even during high-velocity machining applications. Unlike three-jaw chucks that are more likely to shift when exposed to excess centrifugal forces, our sturdy collet chucks maintain grip consistency for tighter tolerances and objectively precise finishes that will impress partners and clients alike. 

When you purchase a collet block or electrical discharge machining equipment from our experts at CMW Tech, service excellence, and transparent product insight are our promises. More than providing the superior parts you need to improve machining precision and workplace safety, our knowledgeable team hopes to become your trusted resource for all things machining and part refinement.

Searching for other cutting-edge solutions to create defect-free parts, save your parts with affordable broken bolt removal, or increase your overall productivity standards? Get in touch with our machining specialists for in-depth guidance and save on machine shop essentials like lapping slurry and tap removals today.

At CMW TECH, business is personal. With a deep rooted belief in the power of teamwork, transparency, and dynamic partnerships.

At CMW TECH, business is personal. With a deep rooted belief in the power of teamwork, transparency, and dynamic partnerships.

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