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EDM 101

CMW Tech’s EDM-101 bridges the gap between manually operated tap burners and high end automated sinker style EDM machines.

One objective for EDM-101 is to satisfy an industry need for EDM ram style sinker capability at a lower cost to operate.

EDM involves using a cycle of microsecond duration current discharges to remove micron sized fragments from the target material. The EDM Process is stress free and finish is burr free.

EDM-101 can easily be mounted to any existing Bridgeport style knee mill, or sufficiently rigid structure, ensuring machining tolerances are accurately controlled when positioning the electrode “tool” relative to the “workpiece” using machinist methods for fixturing and aligning.

Broken Tool Removal Services

Your Precision High Tolerance Part Deserves the Best Handling

CNC shops working with high nickel alloy materials and conventional stainless steel can break a tap, drill, or end mill during routine manufacturing operations.

Most machine shops have not made the investment in dedicated tool removal equipment or have tried it in the past and found it to be lacking. Before replacing the part or risking damage to your tools or products, our versatile broken bolt removal services are the key to precision removals. With cost-efficiency and expedited turnaround times our specialty, our part-saving services which remove broken taps, bolts, and drills recover your valuable parts from being unusable, unsafe, or unsellable.

If you have an in-house EDM sinker it’s high investment requires it to be running production jobs.

Before After tap removal beforeBroken tap after

Other Products

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Lapping Page


Industry’s eco-friendly abrasive lapping product.

Hex Collet 16 c Collet Block

16c Collet Block

Available in two standard formats.

CMWTech: Cost-Effective Products and Solutions for Precision Machining

CMW Tech's origins stem from a precision machine shop with over 50 years of servicing and exceeding requirements for industries from semiconductors to energy. CMWTech was created to bring select products and solutions to help other machine shops and those involved with precision machining requirements solve specific needs.

With the rising cost of raw materials, labor, capital equipment, and complexity of machined part manufacture every part started needs to turn into an on-time revenue shipment.  If a broken tap, broken drill, or broken end-mill has thrown a wrench into your production routing schedule CMWTech has launched a tool removal service that is responsive and brings a new level of precision and quality control sought after by exacting high precision manufacturing.  Key to our service is using EDM-101, specifically designed to be applicable to expensive high-precision parts and provide precise broken tap removals

CMWTech is making EDM-101 available to the market.  Both developed and manufactured in the USA, EDM-101 is not like anything in the market.  EDM-101 satisfies a niche between a Tap burner and an entry level EDM sinker.

Precision shops find manual tap burners imprecise, and classic metal disintegrators overly aggressive, especially for very small removals or jobs that require small features which are best formed by EDM electrodes.  Precision shops don’t want to their expensive capex EDM sinker out of production to remove a broken tap or broken drill or re-direct their EDM machining specialist who is busy generating revenue.

EDM-101 is a complete system for the occasional Tap removal or job that requires an EDM sink operation of a simple shape into High Alloy parts, steel or conductive metal.

Designed for easy installation on any Quill mount (Bridgeport Style) Mill, Table Top, or Cost effective magnetic base, you will find EDM-101 extremely easy to operate through our EDM-101 App.  Yes there’s now an App for EDM which runs on an Android Tablet, allowing users to be up and running in minutes.   EDM-101’s fluid and filter system use Tap / Deionized water making it an ideal shop floor friendly accessory to your Bridgeport or similar turret style vertical knee mill.

For an eco-friendlier water based lapping slurry look no further than CMW’s SLMX 20, developed to significantly improve suspension time of the most common aluminum abrasive used by precision shops.  SLMX 20 incorporates an FDA approved compound yielding 2-3x better suspension time which rivals Petroleum based slurries.

CMWTech manufactures and sells a 16C collet block for fixturing to increases diameter from 1 1/8 inch to 1/5/8 inch through the collet.  Available in both Square and Hex configurations CMW Tech is the only manufacture for off-the-shelf 16C collet blocks which are simple and cost effective extending your part fixturing by this method.

Chartered to develop and deliver products and solutions to enhance machine shop operations

From concept to construction, design to delivery, our product is rooted in pioneering discoveries, superior capabilities, and continuous improvement. By staying ahead of the curve in machining and manufacturing, we are empowered to deliver innovative and original products.

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At CMW TECH, business is personal. With a deep rooted belief in the power of teamwork, transparency, and dynamic partnerships. We pledge to deliver reliable, consistent and best-in-industry products, services and support and to be fair, honest, and dependable in all of our professional partnerships.

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At CMW TECH, business is personal. With a deep rooted belief in the power of teamwork, transparency, and dynamic partnerships.

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